Connect with Others by Volunteering in Tewksbury MA

Volunteer in Your Community

There are many wonderful benefits to volunteering. First, you can make new friends and strengthen existing relationships. Second, you can reduce stress and increase self-confidence. Third—and most importantly—you can greatly improve the lives of others in need.

This is especially the case in Tewksbury, where many organizations are looking for new volunteers every day. To see where you can help out, check out this list of volunteer opportunities in Tewksbury, MA…

PLUS Company: Where People with Disabilities Learn Useful Skills

Helping Disabled People

The “plus” in PLUS Company stands for People Learning Useful Skills. This organization was created to help individuals with disabilities become more independent, which leads to becoming productive members of their communities.

Through the company’s services, these people can explore home/life, educational/social, and work skills all in one convenient spot.

However, a big contributing factor to these men’s and women’s success is the hardworking volunteers. You can help out at the Special Olympics events, become an instructor for an Adult Education course, or assist in other areas of the organization.

Find out exactly how you can volunteer on the PLUS Company Facebook page.

Strongwater Farm: Uses Horses to Help Heal Humans

Strongwater Farm uses horses to improve the health and quality of life in children and adults with special needs.

Here, you’ll find equine-assisted activities and therapies that’ll help provide education, social opportunities, and emotional support. Plus, this is all done while honoring the organization’s core values of “integrity, compassion, healing, and safety.”

Volunteers are needed in all aspects of the organization. There are lesson program volunteers who lead horses or walk beside riders during classes. There are also those who work directly with the barn staff to help feed and care for the horses and facility.

You can get more information on the Strongwater Farm Facebook page.

Tewksbury Community Pantry: Providing Food to Those in Financial Need

Volunteer at a Food Pantry

Tewksbury Community Pantry was established in 1995 in response to the ever-growing issue of hunger in Tewksbury. Their mission is to provide short- and long-term assistance to residents in financial need.

Those individuals can come to a safe, clean, and comfortable space to receive food and support from volunteers. Plus, the company is always accepting donations, and you can always host a food drive to get the community involved.

If you’d like to volunteer, you’d be sorting and checking food for expiration dates, picking up food at The Lowell Food Bank, or helping with food drives.

Learn more on the Tewksbury Community Pantry Facebook page.

You Can Start Giving Back Today

There’s never a bad time to begin giving back to the community. So, get your friends and family involved and start volunteering in Tewksbury, MA, today!