Toyota Tacoma Length

2019 Toyota Tacoma

If you’re looking for a pickup that’s small enough for drives around Lowell, Dracut, or Tewksbury, a compact one is a great option. One such compact truck to consider is the 2019 Toyota Tacoma. We’ll tell you why below, in this guide to the Toyota Tacoma length.

Keep reading to get the details on this impressive automobile, and feel free to contact Ira Toyota of Tewksbury if you have any questions.

2019 Tacoma Bed & Overall Lengths

With the 2019 Toyota Tacoma, there are two length types to consider. There’s the bed length, which gives you an idea of how much equipment you can carry at once. Then there’s the overall length, which can be a great way to know how the truck will maneuver on the road and fit into parking spots.

The bed length varies by cab type (Access Cab or Double Cab) and bed type (Standard Bed or Long Bed). The numbers then are as follows:

Access Cab

Double Cab

Standard Bed 73.7 inches 60.5 inches
Long Bed NA 73.7 inches
The overall length runs the same way, where it differs between cab type and bed type. With both the Access Cab and Double Cab, the Standard Bed is 212.3 inches. The Double Cab also comes in a Long Bed version, which is 225.5 inches.

Other Exterior Dimensions + Design

Those are just the lengths for the 2019 Tacoma. You now want to consider the height and width before deciding if this truck is right for you.

Like the length, these measurements are for both the bed and truck itself. For the bed, you have a height of 19.1 inches and width of 41.5 inches. Then, for the Tacoma overall, you have a height of 70.6 inches and width of 74.4 inches.

While you wouldn’t know the dimensions from looking at this truck, you can spot its bold style from a mile away.

The vehicle boasts an embossed Tacoma logo on the tailgate, along with grade-specific taillights. So, whether you’re cruising around town or heading off the beaten path, these design elements show other vehicles who’s boss.

Furthermore, the truck offers a blackout heritage-inspired TOYOTA front grille. Again, whatever adventures you go on, the Tacoma model’s commanding appearance will shine through.

Truck Bed Features

2019 Toyota Tacoma

We’ve talked about the dimensions of the Toyota Tacoma truck bed length. Now, we’ll go into the features found in this vehicle component.

The bed is made from an ultra-durable, fiber-reinforced Sheet-Molded Composite surface. It has a greater impact strength than steel and can help keep the Tacoma looking good for a long time.

With that kind of strength, you could pile mounds of plywood into the bed. You could even cut the wood right inside the bed, if you wanted. Simply plug a power saw into the available bed-mounted 120V/400W outlet and get to work.

Additionally, the truck bed comes standard with an innovative deck rail system. Since it has four heavy-duty adjustable tie-down cleats, you can easily keep all your cargo securely strapped down.

Test Drive the 2019 Toyota Tacoma

Now that you’ve read up on the Toyota Tacoma length and other features, it’s time to see it in person near Lowell, Dracut, and Tewksbury.

We’ll give you an up-close look at all the exterior dimensions. Then, you’ll get to take the truck for a spin, to see how you feel about its maneuverability.

Don’t wait. Test drive the 2019 Tacoma at Ira Toyota of Tewksbury today!