Toyota Prius Warning Lights

The Toyota Prius is known for being a highly reliable vehicle. However, you may be driving around Lowell, Dracut, or Tewksbury at some point when a strange icon appears on your vehicle’s dashboard.

It may either be a reminder that a specific system is on or it could indicate a major problem. We’ll differentiate between the two in this guide to Toyota Prius warning lights. Read through the information below, and contact us at Ira Toyota of Tewksbury if you have any questions.

Toyota Prius Warning Lights Meanings

When a warning light appears on the Toyota Prius dashboard, it’s to inform you of a possible malfunction. Some examples of warning lights are…

  • Brake system warning light: If you see the word BRAKE in all caps, then the brake fluid is low, or the brake system is malfunctioning. You’ll want to stop your vehicle immediately in a safe place, as it may no longer be safe to drive.
  • Charging system warning light: If you see a battery icon, then the charging system is breaking. You’ll want to stop the car right away and contact a Toyota dealership.
  • Low engine oil pressure warning light: An image of an oil can will indicate that the engine oil pressure is too low. You’ll want to get the car serviced right away.
  • ABS warning light: ABS in all caps means that either the anti-lock braking system or the brake assist system is faulty. Have the vehicle inspected by a Toyota technician as soon as you can.
  • Low fuel level warning light: When you see a fuel tank appear on the dash, then you’re almost out of gas. You’ll want to stop at the closest gas station and refuel as soon as possible.
  • Tire pressure warning light: This warning light will appear as an exclamation point inside an open circle. It means that one or more of your tires is low on air. Once you add the proper amount of air, the light should turn off. If it doesn’t, then you’ll want to have the vehicle looked at sooner rather than later.


Toyota Prius Indicator Lights Meanings

Indicator lights will simply inform you of the operating state of different systems inside the Toyota Prius. Examples of these lights include…

  • Parking brake indicator: PARK in all caps means that the parking brake is on. Once you let go of the parking brake, the indicator light should turn off.
  • Headlight indicator: If an image of a light bulb appears, then the headlight is turned on.
  • “AIR BAG ON/OFF” indicator: If someone is sitting in the passenger seat, then PASSENGER AIR BAG ON will light up. If the seat is empty, then you’ll see PASSENGER AIR BAG OFF instead.
  • Cruise control indicator: If you see what appears to be a speedometer with an arrow pointing to the line, then it means that cruise control has been activated.
  • “ECO MODE” indicator: If you see ECO on top of MODE in all caps, then the vehicle is currently operating under this driving mode. Pushing the Drive Mode button again will switch it to Normal, then PWR (Power), then ECO again.
  • LDA indicator (if equipped): This icon will appear as a car driving over lane markings. When it’s lit up, then Lane Departure Warning has been activated. Push the button again, and the system/indicator light will turn off.

While none of these lights indicate a malfunction, if any of them are on when they shouldn’t be or vice versa, then you’ll want to have your Prius looked at by a professional as soon as possible.

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