Top Healing & Yoga Studios near Tewksbury MA

There are several benefits to doing yoga. Not only does this exercise improve your flexibility, stamina, and help you tone your body, but it can also help heal any ailments. People with lower back pain or sore knees have seen positive benefits to performing yoga poses. So, if you’re currently seeking out the right studio near you in Tewksbury, we’re here to help you.

Here’s our list of the top healing and yoga studios near Tewksbury, MA.

Advanced Health Massage & Yoga

Plaza 129, 258 Salem Road, Billerica, MA                                              Facebook                 Twitter


The staff at Advanced Health Massage & Yoga in Billerica is comprised of helpful instructors and massage therapists to help you on your journey. Their goal is to be a one-top wellness shop, providing several different classes tailored to all skill levels, as well as offering expert massage services to help those ailing joints and muscles. You can take a class to work on your poses and schedule a massage to alieve the knots and pressure in your back and joints. Start your wellness experience at Advanced Health Massage & Yoga today!

Robin’s Yoga & Healing Center

1454 Shawsheen Street, Tewksbury, MA                                               Facebook

Robin’s Yoga & Healing Center offers plenty of great options when it comes to your spiritual and healing journey. There are several notable yoga classes, as well as a beginner’s course that can cater to all skill levels. The Ashtanga class is a more energetic form of yoga that can improve your strength and flexibility. Robin’s also offers Belly Dancing classes that not only shows you the forms of this ancient art form, but it’s also a great workout. As for the healing, there are quite a few sessions that you can book, including Aroma Touch, Thai Bodywork, and even Essential Foot treatments. Get started on your healing journey at Robin’s Yoga & Healing Center.

Sutra Studio

250 Jackson Street, Suite 450, Lowell, MA                                             Facebook                 Instagram

Yoga Pose

If you’re looking for a full-service yoga studio, Sutra Studio in Lowell may be the right place for you. On top of offering more than 20 different classes, such as Vinyasa, Flow, and Slow Burn, there’s a few different healing therapies available to help you relax and alleviate your pain or stress. Sutra offers Reiki Energy Healing, Full Body Relaxation Massages, and even Full Body Balance treatments to help you. You can easily schedule a healing appointment after your yoga session to get the most out of your experience.

If you’ve been struggling to find the right yoga studios or healing centers, now you’re aware of the best ones in Tewksbury, MA. Get started and sign up today!