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Your car’s tires ensure safe and smooth drives around Lowell, Dracut, and Tewksbury. That’s why it’s important to have them swapped out with high-quality replacements that are recommended for your specific make and model when the time comes.

The Ira Toyota of Tewksbury tire shop is your destination for new tires built for your vehicle and expert installation. Our website can help you quickly connect with and order the right tires for your car as well as schedule a service appointment for a speedy installation, all from the comfort of your own home. Learn more below!

How Long Does It Take to Rotate Tires?

How to Balance Tires

How to Check Tire Pressure

How to Read Tire Size

How to Rotate Tires

Toyota RAV4 Tire Pressure Light Reset

Is It Time to Retire Your Tires?

The more use your tires go through, the more wear they receive. Typically, it’s best to have your tires inspected by a professional at least once and year. Once your tires are five years old, bring your car in for a more thorough look. The industry limit for tire age is 10 years. If your tire set is this old, or older, be sure to get them replaced ASAP.

How else can you know if it’s time for new tires?

  • Low tread depth: Place a penny into the tread of each tire. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, your tires are due for a replacement.
  • Inconsistent handling: Vibrations in your vehicle or an extra rough ride are symptoms of tire troubles or even suspension issues. After checking tire pressure and conducting a visual inspection, drive to a tire shop and repair provider nearest you.

Quality Tires for Your Toyota


Finding tires recommended just for your vehicle by Toyota helps you be confident every time you get behind the wheel. In our tire shop, you’ll find tires for your Camry, RAV4, or Prius by leading tire brands in the industry, including Goodyear, Michelin, and Pirelli.

Use our new tire request form to order the right tires for your Toyota and set up a service appointment to get them installed. All you have to do is bring your car by! We’ll have your new tires with our seasoned technician team, ready to be installed when you arrive.

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Replacing your tires when it’s time is one of the best favors you can do for your vehicle. Ira Toyota of Tewksbury is happy to help drivers in Lowell and Dracut always drive with healthy tires. Don’t forget to check out tire specials on this page to save even more on your purchase and installation!