Oil Change Tewksbury MA

Oil Change Tewksbury MA

Our team at Ira Toyota of Tewksbury wants to help you take good care of your vehicle, so it’ll continue to give you a reliable ride for a long time to come.

If you’re in the area, read on to learn how our dealership can help you with your next routine car service appointment, including oil changes and much more. Schedule an oil change right here on our website today or give our service center a call at 978-569-1818!

An Oil Change from the Experts

Oil Change Tewksbury MA

Changing your oil regularly is essential for keeping your car performing at its best. Every car is different, so you should check your vehicle owner’s manual to find out just how often you should have it done. A common recommendation for oil changes is every six months or 5,000 miles for conventional oil, or every twelve months or 10,000 miles for synthetic oil.

Sometimes, you’ll need an oil change even when your car isn’t yet due. Signs to watch out for include:

  • Louder Engine Noise
  • Dark/Dirty or Thick/Gritty Oil
  • Oil Change/Check Engine Light

The standard service recommendation is great for drivers who are regular commuters on normal roads. But, if you drive on rough roads, idle in traffic often or are a bit heavy-footed with the acceleration, you may want to schedule your routine oil changes more often than the manufacturer recommends.

Our Educational Oil Change Guides:

The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

When you catch potential car problems ahead of time, you’ll save on your service costs in the long run. It’s much easier and more cost-efficient to change your oil and filter on a regular maintenance schedule than to replace a corroded engine-and you may have to do the latter if you neglect the former.

Keeping your oil fresh and replenished will keep the metal parts in your engine moving smoothly, rather than grinding against each other and damaging the power and performance of your engine. Our trained, certified technicians will drain and replace your engine oil and give you a new oil filter, so your engine is well-oiled for optimal performance.

Other Maintenance Services

Oil Change Tewksbury MA

Changing your engine oil and filter is only one aspect of good vehicle maintenance. You’ll want to take advantage of the full range of services we offer:

  • Battery Check
  • Brake Inspection
  • Cabin Air Filter Replacement
  • Fluid Replacement (All Fluids)
  • Tire Installation/Rotation
  • And More!

Make sure you check out our current service specials, so you can save at your next service appointment.

Schedule Your Oil Change at Ira Toyota Tewksbury Today!

Your car is an investment-you want to treat it like one. Caring for your car will keep it in peak condition for you now, for sure. But it’ll also increase resale value down the line, if you ever decide to trade in.

If you live near Tewksbury, MA, and are due for maintenance or noticed any of the warning signs above, contact the team at Ira Toyota of Tewksbury to schedule your next oil change. We’re here to serve you!

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Google Jan 15, 2021

Very clean fast and great people working

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Cars Jan 13, 2021

Good service. Pleasant attendant I always bring my car in for service and never have any complaints plus I have bought about 3 cars at this dealership. They have good customer service.

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very friendly an very helpful very polite an great prices on thier veciels

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Highly professional service team with excellent integration of technology that is seamless and efficient. Very impressed with this dealership and will definitely use them again.

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Google Jan 6, 2021

Car finished as promised and on time. Two minor issues: (1) My Bluetooth diagnostic tool was removed so they could access the diag port. However my tool was left unplugged and on the floor. (2) they told me my cabin air filter and engine air filter needed replaced, implying they were dirty. I checked myself and they were like new.

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Google Jan 5, 2021
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DealerRater Jan 2, 2021

I went in December to have an oil change and tire rotation done on my 2009 Toyota Camry and I worked with Cody Lafortune. Cody was very pleasant and honest. Once I gave them the keys and sat down in the waiting area, I literally got the car back within 10 minutes. I believe the mechanic who worked on my vehicle was named chad. These guys are the f******g s**t

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Cars Jan 1, 2021

Wayne Michealsen was a pleasure to work with when I bought used from Ira. I did not feel pressured to buy and the dealership allowed me to put a small deposit down to secure the car I wanted while I waited to speak with my husband about it. Wayne communicated with me throughout the process of getting my car ready. It was a great experience overall.

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