How to Read Tire Size Tewksbury MA

Every day, we count on our vehicles to get us to our destination. Of course, you can’t get very far without tires. It’s important to make sure your car has the right tires to offer the smoothest possible drive paired with outstanding performance.

At Ira of Tewksbury, our service professionals have served many drivers in Lowell, Dracut and Tewksbury with convenient and knowledgeable tire services. But you might wonder what goes into selecting the tires for your car, truck or SUV. Here’s how to read tire size.

How to Find Tire Size

Tire Size

Tire size can be found in a few places. You can start by checking your owner’s manual, but if you don’t have that handy, check the driver’s side door jamb, glove box door or gas tank hatch.

Installing the right tires for your car ensures the best performance possible. When buying new tires, it helps to know what to look for. Here’s a breakdown of what you can look for on the tire.

Lettering. Each tire has a sequence of letters and numbers. When you see the letter “P,” it means the tire is for a traditional passenger vehicle like a sedan, minivan or SUV. “LT” stands for “light truck,” a car designed to handle heavier loads. If the tire starts with the letter “T,” that means it’s temporary and is the spare tire.

Tire width. This number follows the first letter in the sequence. If the tire begins with “P225,” that describes a passenger vehicle with a tire width of 225 millimeters. It’s critical that this number matches what is laid out in the owner’s manual.

Speed rating. This is the last item found on the tire. If the last letter on the tire is “S,” the tire is rated for up to 112 mph. If it says “T,” that means the tire is rated up to 118 mph. Typically, the higher the tires are rated, the better the car handles.

Reasons to Buy Tires from a Toyota Dealer

There are many reasons to buy tires from a Toyota dealer. When buying from a Toyota dealer, you get:

  • The right fit for your model.
  • The Toyota tire price match guarantee.
  • Experienced installation from factory-trained technicians.
  • All major brands to choose from.
  • Road hazard coverage on eligible tires.

Certain tire purchases come with 2-year road hazard coverage, with 100% coverage the first year and 50% coverage in the second year. Take advantage of the current deals.

Toyota Tire Center


Have you had a chance to check your tires lately? Once you know how to read tire size, you may want to learn how to ensure your tires are properly inflated and have enough tread left. If you’re experiencing issues with your tires or need new tires installed, our tire center technicians are here and ready to help you in our tire center.

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