How to Finance a Car

car financing

When you’re ready to get a new car, you want to be prepared for the process of getting an auto loan. At Ira Toyota of Tewksbury, we want to show drivers in the Lowell, Dracut, and Tewksbury areas how to finance their new car.

Read more about how you can get prepared for your car purchase, so you’ll drive off the lot in a new car in no time.

How Much Is A Down Payment on a Car?

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Being Prepared: The Name of the Game

car finance

If you want to make buying your new car a quick and easy process, the best thing you can do is have everything together, so it’s just a matter of signing the dotted line. The big thing you want to look at is the pre-approval process.

On our website, you can find an option available in the financing section that allows you to get pre-approved This is a handy tool that lets you submit your credit information, so we can contact lenders and find out what loans you qualify for.

If you go the pre-approval route when financing a new car, you’ll be able to have a loan all lined up when you arrive at our dealership. This is a great way to make financing a new car a simple process.

Know Your Needs

When you apply for an auto loan, you will be given a lot of options on what the terms of the loan will be. One major aspect of the terms you should consider is the length of the loan.

You will likely be given the option to pay a short-term or a long-term loan when you choose your financing options.

  • A short-term loan can require you pay more monthly, but you will also be able to pay it off faster which helps to avoid interest rate payments.
  • A long-term loan is better for drivers who want to reduce their overall monthly payments.

Time to Visit the Dealership


When you’re ready to purchase your vehicle, it’s time to go to the dealership and speak to a member of the finance team. If you decide to apply for financing online, this process will be a quick matter of simply discussing your pre-approval and moving forward with the car purchase. If you decide to go straight to our dealership, our team can quickly contact lenders so that you can get approved for a loan in no time.

Before you do this, however, make sure to schedule a test drive for the car you want to finance. It’s always good to get behind the wheel of the vehicle you’re buying, and it’s a good start to the actual car buying process.

Get Pre-Approved at Our Dealership

When you’re ready to buy a new car, our dealership is eager to help. At Ira Toyota of Tewksbury, we want to help drivers in the Lowell, Dracut, and Tewksbury areas have an easy time getting great finance options.

If you’re interested in seeing our available finance options, explore our website and get pre-approved today!