How to Change Air Filter in Car

Air Filter

There’s nothing better than climbing behind the wheel of a vehicle that’s ready to churn out impressive performance along the roads of Lowell, Dracut, and Tewksbury.

To ensure that your automobile continues to serve up a spirited ride no matter what, it’s essential to keep each of its parts in great condition with plenty of maintenance and service.

Luckily, replacing your engine’s air filter with a fresh, clean one is as simple as following the steps of this How to Change Your Air Filter guide created by Ira Toyota of Tewksbury. Thanks to the tips found in this manual, you’ll be enjoying life inside a rip-roaring ride that’ll stay healthy for years to come.

How to Change Your Air Filter: The Steps

How to Change Air Filter

Ready to get started on your air filter procedure? All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate Your Engine’s Air Filter.

Most vehicles keep the engine air filter inside a black, plastic container on top of the motor. If you’re still having trouble finding your air filter housing, look for a large intake house, which is connected to the air filter compartment.

  1. Remove the Housing Top.

First, clear off any dust, dirt, or debris that’s sitting on top of the air filter housing. Then, use a screw to loosen any bolts or a dull knife to open any metal clamps. Lift off the top and take out the old filter.

  1. Clean the Air Filter Container.

Before you replace the old air filter with the new one, make sure to clean any dirt inside the filter housing. That way, your engine’s air filter will be completely clean and ready to supply fresh air to your motor.

  1. Check for Cracks.

Don’t forget to do a quick overview of the plastic housing and air intake hose to verify that there aren’t any cracks on the interior or exterior.

  1. Install the New Filter.

Installing Air Filter

Finish off your air filter replacement by installing the new filter. Simply set the new filter inside the housing just as the old one was positioned. Put the top back on, secure the screws or clips, and you’re done!

Why is It Important to Change Car Air Filters?

Believe it or not, your automobile’s engine relies on a steady supply of air to function at its best. By creating a barrier between the outside air and your engine, the filter inside your car provides you with a host of performance-enhancing benefits.

Here’s why your air filter is so crucial to the overall functioning of your ride:

Fuel Efficiency: Without an air filter to keep particles out of the engine, dirt and debris would build up inside the motor and eventually lead to corrosion. As a result of that corrosive buildup, your engine is forced to work harder to equip you with the same level of performance. Because of that, your car wouldn’t be able to churn out the same gas mileage you rely on to help you steer clear of filling up the tank too often.

Engine Troubles: Of course, your engine’s health is critical to the performance of your automobile. However, if you have a dirty air filter, dust and debris can seep into the motor and cause corrosion that’ll lead to engine damage. The fix? Change your air filter! By replacing the filter every 15,000 to 30,000 miles, you’ll sidestep these issues and keep your car in great condition.

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