Best Seafood Restaurants near Tewksbury MA

Seafood Restaurants near Tewksbury, MA

Seafood is loved by many for being healthy and delicious. There’s also a nice variety to choose from since fishes have different textures and flavors. Some are meaty like steak, while others are flaky and mild. Not only that, but the sauces and accompaniments can really make the meal.

While you could cook seafood at home, why not make it a fun event? Gather your friends and family and visit any of the following seafood restaurants in Tewksbury, MA.

A Modern New England Eatery

Seafood Restaurants near Tewksbury, MA

At Elm Square Oyster Co., you’ll find creative seafood served in a fun, fresh, and exciting environment. They focus on local and seasonal ingredients, and make all their sauces, seasonings, and condiments from scratch.

For dinner, your table will want to order from the raw bar. Specifically, you’ll want to try the Elm Square Shellfish Platter. It comes with six oysters, six clams, two shrimp cocktails, and smoked fish pate. You’ll also want to get one of their cocktails, like the Island Mojito. This drink consists of white rum, coconut rum, mint, pineapple juice, and soda.

For more information, visit Elm Square Oyster Co. on Facebook.

Simple, Fresh, Uncomplicated

When dining at Fishbones of Chelmsford, you’ll feel right at home from the moment you walk through the doors, as it’s designed with Nantucket-style architecture that evokes New England charm.

Fresh ingredients are used every day. Plus, their clams and oysters go through a 48-hour depuration process. This purifies them from any residual sand and bacteria. Whether you come here for lunch or dinner, you’ll always find something new to try, as the menu changes often.

An example of something you could get is the Mixed Seafood Grill. Grilled swordfish tips, salmon fillet, and two jumbo shrimps are served over a bed of rice with roasted assorted vegetables.

Check out some of the tasty menu options on the Fishbones of Chelmsford Facebook page.

Fresh Seafood & Sandwiches

Seafood Restaurants near Tewksbury, MA

If you’re wanting good food in a casual environment, then you’ll love Livingstone’s Seafood & Deli. They serve authentic local cuisine using fresh ingredients. It’s also a great place to get a tasty sandwich or panini. The sandwiches are made on their marble rye house bread, while the paninis are made on ciabatta.

If you’re wanting a sandwich, get the Tuna Melt. It consists of solid white Albacore, American cheese, spring mix, and mayo. If you’re really hungry, you can go for the Haddock Plate, Clam Strip Dinner, or Lobster Roll Dinner. You’ll have to wait 15 minutes for your meal, but we guarantee that it’ll be worth it!

You can learn more on the Livingstone’s Seafood & Deli Facebook page.

Get Some Tasty Seafood near Tewksbury Today

If you’re craving fresh seafood for lunch or dinner, then stop by any of these Tewksbury restaurants today!