Best Farm Stands near Tewksbury MA

When the weather starts to get crisp and cool, you’ve got to make sure that you take advantage of it. And what better way to enjoy the gorgeous, autumnal weather than by traversing through local farm stand and picking up some delicious fruits?

Fortunately, if you’re a resident of Tewksbury, MA, then you’re at the heart of a town filled to the brim with local orchards and farm stands for grabbing yourself a few ready-to-bite produce.

So, pack up the car, bring along a few friends, and get ready to discover more about the best farm stands near me in Tewksbury, MA!

Farmer Dave’s

For the ultimate fall celebration, head on over to the orchards at Farmer Dave’s. At this local hotspot, you’ll find so much more than just a produce sanctuary.

Here, you can grab an apple cider donut, snag some seasonal plants, and finish up your journey with some handmade candy, local olive oil, and lots more.

Plus, this hotspot has multiple farm stand locations, such as Brox Farm, Hill Orchard, and East Street Farm. That way, everyone in your area has a chance at getting their hands on locally sourced goods!

Check out Farmer Dave’s Facebook page for photos of the market!

Griggs Farm

Situated on 1.5 acres of beautiful landscape, Griggs Farm comes with a fully stocked farm stand that’s blooming with unique gems, such as apples, cabbage, kale, honey, potatoes, and more.

And while you’re shopping, you can snack on a piece of their homemade apple pie, apple crisp, or fresh cider. With the seasonal fruits and veggies at this destination, you’ll be sure to choose only the freshest foods for your Thanksgiving spread so that your family raves about every dish on the table.

Take a look at customer testimonials on Griggs Farm’s Facebook!

Parlee Farms

If you want to bring your little ones along on your fun, fall adventure, be sure to stop by Parlee Farms. This farm stand offers tons of sweet treats that your kids will love, like seasonal donuts that range from strawberry to blueberry to apple cider.

Throughout the year, this harvesting haven sells a huge selection of items, including honey, corn, jams, turnovers, crumbles, and much more. That way, you’ll be able to grab a couple of your family’s favorite desserts and maybe even a few apples for your famous pie.

Hop over to the Parlee Farms Facebook page to see some mouthwatering pictures!