2018 Toyota Tacoma Review

2018 Toyota Tacoma in Cement Exterior

For truck lovers around Lowell, Dracut, and Tewksbury, the Tacoma represents a strong, dependable option that provides drivers with immense power and long-term reliability. If you’re considering this model for your next vehicle, then this 2018 Toyota Tacoma review will provide you with useful information, such as towing capacity, horsepower, torque, and bed space.

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Toyota Tacoma Engine Specs

2018 Toyota Tacoma Impressive Engine Specs

A benefit of the Toyota Tacoma is that you can choose between two available engine options. Both offer tremendous strength and feature note-worthy transmissions.

The first option is the dynamic 2.7L DOHC 4-cylinder that can churn out 159 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque. The second option ramps up both the horsepower and the torque, as the 3.5L DOHC V6 engine produces 278 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque.

Each engine is designed to tackle heavy-duty jobs, and you can pair either one with an available 6-speed manual transmission for customized control, as well as the 6-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission.

Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacity & Performance Features

Whether you need to perform on-the-job work or you’re hauling your trailer up to the campsite for the weekend, the Toyota Tacoma has your back.

To start, the Tacoma can handle quite a bit of cargo thanks to its maximum payload of 1,175 pounds. Also, if you’re looking to hook up the trailer on the back, you can rest easy knowing this truck is capable of towing 6,400 pounds.

The Tacoma also includes a variety of towing features for convenience, such as the Class-IV towing hitch receiver, an available ATF cooler, an engine oil cooler, a power steering cooler, a 4- and 7-pin connector with a converter, and the handy Trailer Sway Control system for optimal traction.

Toyota Tacoma Interior & Bed Dimensions


Not only will you have plenty of cargo space in the 2018 Toyota Tacoma, but you’ll also get to enjoy a cavernous cabin that comes with ample legroom.

The bed of this truck has some generous proportions, as the length measures in at 60.5 inches. As for the height, it tops out at 19.1 inches. This bed is also wide and measures in at 41.5 inches in width.

As we move to the interior, each passenger will rest comfortably thanks to the spacious dimensions, including the 42.9 inches of front legroom and 32.6 inches of rear legroom. The cabin is also wide enough to comfortably seat three passengers in the rear, as the second-row hip room checks in at 56.3 inches and the second-row shoulder room is 58.9 inches.

Test Drive the Tough 2018 Toyota Tacoma

The 2018 Toyota Tacoma is built for a unique breed of truck drivers who know how to utilize its tremendous power and desirable performance features.

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